Conguitos Receives the Chamber of Commerce’s Export Award

Conguitos Receives the Chamber of Commerce’s Export Award

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The brand that is committed to child development between 0 and 12 years was awarded last night at the 44th Night of Alicante’s Economy for its export work. The event was held at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Grupo Illice International’s Brand Manager Enrique Esquito collected the award that recognizes the brand’s successful exportation operation and its outstanding ability to adapt to market demands.

The event brought together a number of the province’s political and business leaders, such as Ximo Puig (President of the Generalitat), Luis Barcala (Mayor of Alicante), and César Sánchez (President of the Provincial Council).

Grupo Illice’s success is also reflected by its constant business growth in the last few years. This growth has allowed the group to position itself globally, establishing a continued presence in more than 60 regions. The group’s presence in countries such as Mongolia, Kirgystan, and Angola is particularly noteworthy, as it proves the company’s ability to reach markets that may be less accessible to other companies.

The group has 4 stores in Russia, two in the Iberian Peninsula, and a new one opening in Budapest, Romania. By the end of 2019, Conguitos plans to open new stores in Mexico and Lithuania to make a total of 12 stores throughout Europe and Latin America.